Remarkable Reads is a Young Adult focused book blog.  I started Remarkable Reads in early June of 2011 and I've been enjoying it ever since!  I've always been an avid reader and several of my friends are, too!  Remarkable Reads was actually started accidentally.  I was doing a test run of blogger for a friend who wanted to start blogging.  I created a test blog and I used Reading as the subject.  Then, I created a few test posts on books I had recently read, but I found that I was actually enjoying it!  The next day, I logged on and found that I actually had a few views and from there, I decided to stick with it!  I've really enjoyed blogging ever since!

How my rating system works:

A+ Absolutely Amazing, Worthy of A Re-Read, Almost no Flaws, Amazing Writing, “Now I have to read everything by this author”
A           Remarkable Read, Slightly Flawed, Great Characters, Great Writing
B+       Pretty Good, Mostly Good Characters, Enjoyable
B                Great Plot Idea, Interesting, but a bit annoying
B-             Good Story, Okay Writing, Not too Great
C                Okay, Possibly Worth Reading, Just Not for Me
D                Lost Interest, Characters or Storyline not put together well
F                 I Should have quit reading on the first page, struggled through the book, never picked up


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