Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Waiting on Wednesdays

This is the second weekly meme that I'm starting this week!  Let me know if you like it in the comments.
Waiting on Wednesdays is where bloggers post about releases they are looking forward to.

I really want to read:

The Future of Us by Jay Asher (Author of Thirteen Reasons Why)

The Future of Us
I'm looking forward to this one!
Summary (Goodreads) :

It s 1996, and less than half of all American high school students have ever used the Internet. 

Emma just got her first computer and an America Online CD-ROM. Josh is her best friend. 

They power up and log on and discover themselves on Facebook, fifteen years in the future. 

Everybody wonders what their destiny will be. Josh and Emma are about to find out.

Release Date: November 21, 2011

I'm Really Looking Forward to this one!!

WWW Wednesdays

I'm trying out two new weekly memes today!

This one is called WWW Wednesdays and each Wednesday I have to answer three questions:

What are you currently reading?
That Summer

What did you recently finish?
Divergent (Divergent, #1)

What do you think you'll read next?
Imaginary Girls

IMM (# 2 and a half)

Hello Bloggers,
I went to the library yesterday and wound up picking up so many books that I have to do a midweek IMM! :)
Here's what I picked up:

Imaginary GirlsThat SummerSpilling Ink: A Young Writer's HandbookBut I Love HimThe Time-Traveling FashionistaThe Last Little Blue Envelope (Little Blue Envelope, #2)

Monday, June 27, 2011

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

And Then There Were None     
Although I read this book a while ago, it is definitely one of my favorite books!  It follows several guests who have been invited to an island on vacation by a mysterious host, each for a different reason, but when one of the guests gets murdered, suspisions quickly rise as the guests become panicked.  There is no Internet, cell phone service or way off of the island.  Soon more quests start dying and disappearing as the mystery begins to unfold.
     This book was amazing!  Although it is mostly an adult novel, it is commonly read in the ninth grade.  The book was easily comprehendible and drew me in more with every word I read.  It was one of the most fantastic books I have read in a long time and I highly encourage you to purchase it or check it out from your local library! Either way, Happy Reading!!!

  • Paperback: 272 pages
  • Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin (May 3, 2004)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0312330871

IMM ( #2)

Envy (Empty Coffin, #1)Buried ThunderAnd Then There Were NoneAll-American Girl (All-American Girl, #1)

     I picked up two ARCs this week, envy and buried thunder, both look pretty good.  I also picked up And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie along with All American Girl by Meg Cabot.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

     Aside from its completely gorgeous and angelic cover, Halo by Alexandra Adornetto was a beautifully written YA fiction novel.  It features a group of 3 angels (who are also siblings).  These angels, Gabriel, Bethany, and Ivy are sent on a mission to help the world from falling under the influence of darkness.  While doing so, they must also conceal themselves and blend in with all mortals, while avoiding noticeable human contact.  But Bethany, the youngest and most naive, meets Xavier Woods, and cannot resist the almost instant attraction between them.  As Gabriel and Ivy attempt to intervene and break them apart, they soon discover that the attraction is too powerful to extinguish.  Later in the novel, the threat of the dark forces increases and Bethany, Ivy, and Gabriel have to focus their attention on saving the entire town from evil.  

Halo can be described as a "twisted love triangle."  It is written with such poise and character.  Bethany and Xavier are both very relatable and fantastic characters.  Alexandra Adornetto's debut American novel gets a 5 out of 5.

Keep a look out for the sequel, Hades.

Halo (Halo, #1)Hades (Halo, #2)

Monday, June 20, 2011


An Interview with Lauren Destefano by Simon and Schucther

Q: I know that Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton were huge inspirations for Wither, but is there anything else? A song, another book, a place?

A: Just to dispel this up front: No pop singers or celebutantes inspired this story. But while I was going through some old books from my childhood last week, I found a copy of The Girl Who Owned a City by O. T. Nelson, which was about a mysterious virus that killed everyone over the age of 12. I was probably nine or ten when I read it, and I’m sure that planted a very early seed. I’m also fascinated by stories on the news about eradicating cancer genes or genetically modified foods, and loved the movie Gattaca. Somewhere in my brain is a spinning wheel that processes all of my life’s experiences and makes them into story ideas.

Q: Is there any certain person who instilled the passion for reading and writing in you? A family member or a teacher maybe?

A: I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed, and when I was young I didn’t give much thought to why I loved it, nor did I share it with anyone. I saw it as a private thing, like keeping a diary, except all the entries were fictitious. In fifth grade I was assigned to write a short story for school, and I remember my teacher pulling me aside and asking if I had ever considered writing books when I grew up. Before that moment, publication had never occurred to me, but as I got older I began to take the idea more seriously.

Mini-Review: Wither by Lauren Destefano

     Upon having finished Wither, I feel its only necessary to share my review with you!  The ending was beautiful and unexpected.  The entire book was fantastically written, as Lauren Destefano created characters that you connected with and felt for.  Rhine was extremely relate-able as you felt her pain and need for freedom.  The book really made me appreciate the freedoms and privileges I have now!  Lauren DeStefano created her own world through Wither, where the reader was transported to every time he or she picked up the book!

Overall Rating 4 1/2  out of 5

Friday, June 17, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My First IMM

The Au Pairs (The Au Pairs, #1)That SummerSomeone Like YouAlong for the RidevThe Time-Traveling FashionistaDivergent (Divergent, #1)Hourglass

I'll let you know when I've finished any of them! :)

New! taking a whirl at IMM...

IMM was started by
You can find out more about it on her website, but here are the basic facts:
-IMM stands for In My Mailbox

-Each Week I will post a list of books i have purchased, traded, mailed, or rented from the library

-The main idea is to get more books in the spotlight without reviewing everyone of them

-Some of the books posted may be reviewed on the site at a later date

The Hourglass Door by Lisa Mangum

The Hourglass Door (Hourglass Door Trilogy, #1)
     Back in December, my friends and I stumbled upon a hidden gem by the name of The Hourglass Door.  Though not the most popular YA book, it quickly became one of my favorite books.  It is a paranormal romance novel, but not the kind you're used to (no vampires!).  The Hourglass Door is a refreshing and charming read with several remarkable plot twists.  
     The novel focuses on Abby, a high schooler who is nothing, but average.  Her boyfriend is too perfect for her liking, her grades are just fine, and her job backstage at the play is working out, but she would much rather have a more spontaneous life.  Soon she meets Dante, an olive-skinned, black haired, gorgeous, Italian exchange student who pulls you in closer with every line you read.  He's a charming Italian poet and every time Abby is around him, she feels-different.  She soon discovers a strange secret about his past and is drawn in even closer to him.  I promise not to spoil, so you have to read the rest yourself. :)

     This is an amazing book!  You've never heard of this kind of paranormal, I promise!

Comment if you've read it or are planning to read!

The sequel has already been released (The Golden Spiral) and the third book comes out this summer (the forgotten locket) !  I'm looking forward to reading the second book!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Remarkable Reading in the Public Eye

Lauren Destefano responded to my review and is glad that the administrators of remarkable reading are enjoying her novel! :)

Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen

Keeping the Moon

Keeping the Moon is an impowering read about accepting yourself for who you really are.  Written by Sarah Dessen and told through the perspective of a girl named Colie, it is a quick and ideal beach read.  Colie has been made fun of her entire life for her weight and looks.  Even after she loses the weight, she is still mistreated and has no respect for herself, but a summer down in Colby, North Carolina changes everything....

(Also published under the title "Last Chance"

Wither by Lauren Destefano

Wither by Lauren DeStefano is a Dysotopian Fiction Novel written as a Young Adult Book.  It follows the story of a girl by the name of Rhine Ellery who lives in a society where a strange unidentifiable virus effects the entire human race.  It causes all males to live to 25 and all females to live to age 20.  In an attempt to keep the human race alive, young  girls are kidnapped by the wealthy and brought to marry alongside other sister wives.  I have not yet finished this novel and am on page 190 and I am enjoying it so far.  Check it out below!

Wither (Chemical Garden, #1)



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