Saturday, June 9, 2012

We've Got it Covered {2} : Sarah Dessen Cover Changes

Hey Remarkable Readers,
It's been a while since my last "We've Got it Covered" post.  I was browsing through the blogosphere and noticed something that had only been spotlighted on a small number of blogs, which I was surprised about!  Sarah Dessen is a huge YA author and her books just got recovered.  If you've seen some of her older covers, they all had a pastel/summery vibe and matched, which I always loved!  Well, they've been recovered and this time, I like them even more!



So!  Which covers do you prefer?  Old or New?  Which is your favorite cover of them all?  I'd have to say that I like the new covers best.  I absolutely love the new cover for That Summer with Along for the Ride and Lock & Key tying for a close second.



  1. The new ones are all so pretty! I like the new Lock & Key one a lot and I think that the new Just Listen one is much better than the old one. Keeping the Moon has a much more fun cover as well. It really makes me want to read it!

    Great post! :)


  2. I think I like the old and new cover equally! I really like the new Just Listen's cover though. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like the new ones but, but.... NO, lol, I'll stick with the old ones x) I have all of her books, I refuse to acknowledge the change yet ^^ I'm too attached to them <3

  4. I love the illustrated covers, the Aussie editions.

    They look really fun and they've actually looked quite tempting to me at times.

  5. I like the older covers.. why would they need to change it. gah. I don't like it when a beautiful cover is replaced with blah cover.

  6. I like the older covers better. Sure, the new covers are awesome too, but the older covers seem to have more character to them to me.

  7. I love both the old & new, but my only problem now is that when I get another of her books it won't match the rest.


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