Saturday, February 4, 2012

Q & A: Your Questions Answered!

Hey Remarkable Readers,

A while back I posted about a Q & A.  I asked for some questions and you all submitted some!  If I get enough, I'll do another Q&A.  Ask me here.  Anyway, onto your questions!  Questions are in bold, my answers will follow.

-What's the most polite way to decline a review? 
I'm not sure the most polite way but, I always like to be honest.  I'll just say that the plot doesn't really interest me, I'm being selective with the review copies I accept, I only accept YA, or I don't accept ebooks, or whatever the case may be.  I also make sure to tell the person not to hesitate in contacting me about another book.  I would never want them to be afraid to ask again!

-What's the most professional way to accept a review? (I know when I get a email asking, I get all giddy but I don't want to sound immature in replying) 
Most importantly: Say thank you.  Whoever requested your review values your review.  That always deserves a thanks!  Also, make sure to stay professional.

Paperback or hardcover?
I prefer hardcover because they look better on my shelf and last longer but, if I'm the one buying, paperback is usually cheaper ;)

Paranormal or Contemporary?
I don't have a preference as long as it's good!

Series or Standalone?
Probably standalone unless the characters are really relatable or I really like the story.

Girls or boys POV in books?
I love both but, guys point of view is usually rare so I'll take all I can get!  It's interesting to see how a guy would handle a situation :)

Why blog?
It gives me people to talk to about books.  I've also made lots of friends through blogging.  It also gives me something to work toward: Improving my blog!  I <3 blogging! :)

Twitter or Facebook?
Twitter for blog stuff, facebook for friend stuff.

Coke or Pepsi?
Coke, by far.

Buy or Library?
I'm not sure.  I love having a book to keep on my shelf but, the library is free!

What do you use as a bookmark?
Everything.  Tissues, Napkins, Pens, Sticky Notes, Actual Bookmarks, Letters, Stamps, Homework, and so on...and so on.....

Thanks for all your questions everyone!  I hope you'll ask more soon!Photobucket

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  1. Lol. I just had to throw in the Coke or Pepsi thing :)


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