Friday, November 11, 2011

Help Make this Blog Even Better!

Hey Remarkable Readers,
     If you're reading this, you are probably interested in my blog or follow my blog (thank you for that :)
Therefore, I have a few announcements to make to you!  First, I would really like to enhance your viewing experience and the quality of my blog.  I have a few ideas on how to do this.  I would really love if you could give me any suggestions for posts besides memes, event recaps, and reviews.  You can tell me in the form below.  I need to know what you guys want to see!  Next, in the post below, you will see that I'm hosting a Readers Choice Awards.  This helps me learn what genres and books my followers are interested in, thus helping me to improve my blog!  Please cast your vote.  I would also like to get a custom blog design sometime soon and the designer I would like charges $80 for that.  A follower has already generously donated $20, so I'm already 25% there!  I would really appreciate anyone who could help me reach my goal!  In return, I could interview you or post about your book, etc.  Please donate using the button below! :)


     The next thing I would like to address is the upcoming readathon!  You can find all the information in the readathon tab.  I need your help with this :) !  I need some help getting the word out about this so that we can get more participants!  I'm also looking for prize donations from authors, publishers, bloggers, or anybody really!  I have spots open for guest posts, interviews, cover reveals and more during the readathon, so please let me know if you are interested:  If you are a blogger interested in hosting a challenge or giveaway, you can sign up in the readathon tab!

Thanks so much everyone and I hope you will help me to reach my goal and help me with my readathon :)


  1. @roro Thanks :) Its nice to be rewarded for the hard work :)


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