Saturday, May 26, 2012

Book Breakups 2: Saving You Saving Me by Kaitlin Gow

Hey Remarkable Readers,
I've been in a little bit of a reading slump lately and I've had two or three book breakups recently.  One of them was Saving You Saving Me by Kaitlin Gow.  If you're new to book breakups, my usual description is below.
The feature is called Book Breakups and the object is to talk about books you couldn't finish and why.  Here is how Lori describes it:
We can't all love everything and some books just aren't for me. Sometimes I try really hard to love a book but if it's taking me 4 days to read 100 pages, we need to have the talk. I debated quite a while on whether or not to do this feature, but I thought it would be fun, so Book Breakups was born.
 Saving You, Saving MeI really like this meme because when I get books for review and can't finish them, I like being able to talk about why I didn't like it and maybe get some other people's opinions!
 18 year old high school senior and aspiring psychologist Samantha Sullivan (Sam) never thought she would fall for the one mysterious guy she has been speaking to over the phone for months, the boy the counselors called Daggers. She wasn't supposed to talk to him outside of their sessions. But as she began to peel the layers of Daggers and learn who he is, the one boy she is supposed to be saving, might just be the one who is saving her. 
Normally, I don't accept self published books for review, but I made an exception for a blog tour.  Usually I don't accept them because they usually contain a lot of grammar mistakes and cliches and they just aren't my cup of tea.  Luckily, I was actually enjoying the first third of this book.  I thought it would be different and that I might love it. I thought that writing about someone who answered calls for a help line was unique.  Unfortunately, it took a turn for the worst.  Everything just became so far fetched and unbelievable.  In addition, I felt that the topics were a bit mature and heavy for YA readers.  I wasn't enjoying the book anymore, so I stopped reading.  I didn't want to waste my time on something that was bothering me.  

So, did anyone else here read it?


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