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Love that Dog by Sharon Creech

Love That DogGenre: Middle Grade-Poetry
Source: Purchased at Yard Sale
Series: Standalone; Spinoff: Hate that Cat

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Room 105--Miss Stretchberry


I don't want to
because boys
don't write potery.

Girls do.


I tried.
Can't do it.
Brain's empty.

This is the story of Jack
who finds his voice
with the help of
     Love That Dog is a heartfelt and cute verse novel written from a boy's point of view.  At first he is embarrassed that he likes to write poetry and when showing his poems to the teacher, he never lets her put his name on them.  It's a really cute story and took me less than twenty minutes to read.  Sharon Creech told a really cute story and I loved Jack's voice.
     It was fun seeing things through Jack's eyes.  Even in such a short little book, we get to know Jack and his dog Sky.  Sky's story is really emotional and tragic for Jack and even with the use of such simple words, I felt for him.  I also enjoyed seeing Jack's perspective on poetry and how his view changes over time.  He becomes more comfortable with writing and with talking about Sky.  His story and voice is so sweet and light.
     Throughout the book, Jack writes about some of the poems that he's assigned to read in class.  I enjoyed hearing his thoughts on the poems and seeing what a child might think of some popular poetry.  Luckily, Sharon Creech included the poems at the back of the book so you can read along with Jack as the story goes on!  Later in the book, Jack realizes that he really enjoys the writing of Walter Dean Myers and tells this to his teacher.  She recommends that he write to him and at first he is hesitant.  Later, he develops a bit more confidence and finally sends an adorable letter to the famous writer asking him to visit their school.  You'll have to read the book to see what happens, but I really liked that part of the story.
     Overall, there isn't all that much that I can say about such a short little book, but I definitely recommend Love That Dog.  The story is so sweet and Jack's voice is adorable.  If your hesitant about giving verse books a try, start with this one; it won't take too much time and you'll love it!

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