Saturday, January 14, 2012

Exclusive Amanda Hocking at Macmillan!

Hey Remarkable Readers!
The area surrounding the flat iron.
A Clock Tower in the square near the flat iron.

 I mentioned in my review of Switched by Amanda Hocking that I actually got to meet Amanda!  I also promised to post about it, so here I am!  Last Wednesday, January 4th, I visited the Macmillan Publishing Offices!  It was really exciting for me because it was the first time I was invited to an exclusive event!
     You probably didn't know that the Macmillan Offices are located in the awesome and historical flat iron building in New York City!  We took the train and walked 10 blocks to the building in the beautiful chilly air.  It was really nice.  When we reached the building, there was a really cool art display there.  It was a bunch of paper cups with drawings all over them and was a pop up MOMA exhibit!  There were probably over 100 hand drawn cups ( which you can see below.)
Amanda Hocking (right) and her editor Rose (left).
     Anyway, we walked into the flat iron and entered the lobby.  There was a beautiful christmas tree along with many historical pictures and historical facts.  We then went up to the conference room!  I met the girls from Good Choice Reading, the Verb Vixen, and many other bloggers there!
Macmillan Publishing- The Historical Flat Iron Building.
     When I sat down, I was given a finished copy of Switched, an ARC of Torn, and an ARC of Ascend!  Later on, Amanda signed all of my books!  During the event, Amanda told us all about her self publishing journey and told us about her next book (which I'm dying to read!) .  We asked a ton of questions, too!  Her editor from St. Martins, Rose, and her assistant were answering questions, too!  It was really interesting!  Amanda also told us about how different it is to be working with a publisher and how it feels to finally see her book on shelves.
      The whole evening was a wonderful experience and it was wonderful meeting Amanda!  I learned a lot about publishing and being an author.  Thanks for the night, St. Martins! :)


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