Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goals for 2012

Hey Remarkable Readers,
Its that time of year when everyone starts making resolutions!  This year, I'm going to try do to the following blog and book related things:

  • Read More Books: I want to try to read more and put a dent in my TBR!  
  • Post More Reviews: I have to read more to do this but, I'm going to try!
  • Hit 500 followers: Although I can't help this, I'd love if it happened! :)
  • Go to BEA: I've been dreaming of BEA since I started blogging and now I want to meet Willa, Erika, Vy, Katie, and many more people in person!
  • Go to more author events: I just think this would be fun!
  • Develop more Publisher Contacts: I think it would be great to become connected with more people in this industry
  • Write and Finish a Novel: I've always wanted to do this.  I think this is my year! :)
  • Increase my Klout Score: My Klout score happens to be pretty important to me just because it measures overall online influence.
  • Post more quality content: I don't want to be a blog that only posts memes, which I don't do now but, I just don't want it to happen!
What are your resolutions this year?



  1. Great goals for 2012! I really really want to go to BEA too! and i'll go give you klout right now. Do you have a link for your klout profile anywhere?

    Here are my 2012 goals

  2. @Michelle @ Book BriefsThanks! I hope to see you at BEA! My klout is here: Thanks so much! I'll check out your post now! :)


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