Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Army of Ten

Hey Everyone!

Well a couple of weeks back, I did a book haul which included Ten by Gretchen McNeil, right?  And in that book haul I said that I was super excited for it, right?  Well now I'm even more excited!  "Why?" you ask.  Well keep reading!
The Army of TEN

During Gretchen McNeil's last release, Possess, she put together an awesome scavenger hunt with really cool prizes for the YA world!  Well, this time she's doing another awesome release!  She's formed The Army of Ten (which I am a part of) which is a street team and promotional network to help get the word out about Ten!  There are tons of awesome prizes to be won and ways to help out.  There is a ranking system for "Soldiers" in the army of Ten and the more work you do, the better your reward!  One of the prizes is having your name in the Acknowledgements of Gretchen's third book!  Super cool, right?  I'm hoping to get that prize!  Anyways, head on over to armyoften.blogspot.com to get started! 

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