Friday, August 5, 2011

Lets Talk: Saving Money on Books

Hey, I wanted to do a pst today because I usually don't post later in the week.  Today I wanted to ask you guys a question:
How Do You Save Money on Books?

Do you buy only during sales or use coupons?  Do you go to Half Price Books or Shop at Thrift stores?  What do you do to save?

     I'm asking you because unfortunately there is no Half Price Bookstore anywhere in the entire state of New York, which upsets me very much :( .  I want to know how you guys save.  I like to watch bookshelf tours and lately I've realized that I really don't have as many books as my fellow book bloggers.  I want to know how you get all those books (Besides ARCs)!  I always check thrift stores, yard sales, and library discard shelves, but its very difficult to find new books that way.  I've been going to the Borders liquidation sales but 25% off isn't that amazing.  Before I go on a trip to the bookstore, I always search online for coupons.  Thankfully, even my local Indie Booksellers do offer coupons!  I've also noticed that the Book Depository has great deals and free shipping, but I do like to support my local Indie Sellers.  Let me know how you save in the comments!

PS- Do you want me to do a bookshelf tour?


  1. Sometimes Amazon has sales or you can even get used books if you desire. I know my library tends to sell books and for some odd reason I always find books when they are on sale. Its really random but I soon as I see a book on sale I just have to buy it!

  2. Thanks! I try not to buy online, though because I don't like to use credit cards, but I guess I could always use paypal...

  3. I usually join book contest,book giveaways,blog hops and the like sometimes you win or better luck next time but hey it's worth a shot..I would love to visit the dolphin bookstore hopefully next time I visit NY XD

    I'm a new follower feel free to drop by

    Take care ^_^

  4. Kimyunaleca, Thanks for sharing your tips! I you're interested in a giveaway, I'm hosting one right here on the site! Just click on the contests tab! I'll check out your blog too :) thanks for following <3


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