Monday, August 15, 2011

Lets Talk: What's Your Reading Speed?

Hey, Remember how last week I did a post called "Lets Talk: How do you Save Money on Books?" ?  Well if you don't, scroll down and click it in the Archives!  Anyway, I'm thinking of making it a regular feature here at Remarkable Reads!  If you want to comment or blog about the topic, just fill out the linky! So here goes my second Lets Talk Post!

     Today I was sitting on my bed reading, when I realized that I am definitely not a fast reader.  Upon discovery, I attempted speed reading.  It worked, but unfortunately without much comprehension of the text.  Then, I tried that form of speed reading where you skip all the unnecessary words.  That just confused my eyeballs and gave me a headache.  If you haven't noticed, so far Lets Talk just seems like a reverse advise column ;).  So.....My Question for you this time is:

How fast can you read?  If you read slow, have you tried methods to make you read faster?  If you can read quickly, do you naturally read that fast or did someone teach you?  Do you know a method to make you read faster?  Than how about sharing it!  

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