Thursday, March 8, 2012

Interview with Jodi Meadows

The lovely Jodi Meadows, author of Incarnate, is stopping by the blog today for an interview!  I hope you enjoy!  My review of Incarnate is here.  Now, onto the questions!

1) How do you think you'd react to being a newsoul if you were Ana?

Probably a lot like Ana! If I grew up the same way she did, I can't imagine I'd have a much better outlook on the world. I can only hope I'd be as tough as her, though!

2) How long did it take to write the first draft of Incarnate?

Actual writing time? Two months. But before that, three years of letting the story stew in the back of my head while I worked on other thing, and then a month of intense planning, worldbuilding, and character developing.

3) How do you stay focused when writing?

I wish I could tell you there's a trick to it, but there's really not. I'm just a very goal-oriented person. I like completing tasks. And I like writing. When I have a story to tell, there's not much else I want to do, so it's easy to stay focused and write.

4) What's one thing you've learned from being published?

There are always new things to worry about. 

I actually knew this before I got published, because I had friends with book deals and books on the shelves, but it's really different knowing that even when you hit a goal (like getting a book published), there will be something else to worry about on the other side.

5) Quick!  You can have one author, alive or not, and one character for dinner!  Who?  What do you eat?  What 3 questions do you ask?!

Robin McKinley.

We eat cinnamon rolls as big as your head. (Of course.)

"How's the knitting?" "I think I ate too much cinnamon roll. What about you?" "Do you want to go to a yarn store?"

6) What scene do you think turned out best in Incarnate?  Which was most fun to write?  Which was hardest to write?

Oh goodness! I hope all the scenes turned out to be the best. Heh. But the one readers respond to the most? The masquerade. That definitely seems to be the favorite, and it was one of the most fun to write, too. 

The hardest scenes for me are action scenes. Making sure everything is clear, keeping up the pace, and making sure it's exciting . . . that's quite a challenge.

Thanks for stopping by Jodi!  What did you guys think of the interview?!  Would you like to see more interviews in the future?



  1. I loved Incarnate! Great interview.. the masquerade was pretty nice :)

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed Incarnate, too!

  2. I loved the interview and Incarnate. I did enjoy the masquerade!

    1. I thought the masquerade was a GREAT scene!

  3. YES! Jodi rocks! Great interview ladies!

  4. Incarnate was sooooooo good! Great interview and I also really loved the Masquerade!

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Masquerade was one of my favorite scenes! :)

  5. Great interview ad very interesting to get some insight from the author. I really enjoyed Incarnate!

  6. Great interview! Thanks for sharing this!


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