Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Breathless Reads Tour Event Recap 2/17/12

What the poster looks like
Hey Remarkable Readers,
     A little less than a month ago (yes, this post is long overdue) I attended the Breathless Reads tour at Books of Wonder in New York City.  The authors there were Marie Lu, Beth Review, Jessica Spotswood, and Andrea Cremer.  I was really excited for this signing!  It was my first time at Books of
 Wonder and the authors attending knock my socks off!
     Due to a little traffic in the city, I got there about ten minutes late but, luckily I didn't miss too much!  The event started off with a Q&A from the store employees, then questioning was opened up to the audience, and then the signing started.  It was really interesting to see what the authors all had to say during the Q&A!  I loved getting my books signed, too!  I even met a few new bloggers there!  I was introduced to Zoraida who has a book coming out later this year, Courtney who was really nice to talk to, and Nicole from the book bandit!  You can click the links to see their blogs! :)

     With my purchase, I received a poster and a lanyard with a contest code on it!  I entered the contest and have my fingers crossed!  Any who, the event was great! :)  Check out some pictures below.

Breathless Reads 2012
PS- I couldn't find Legend by Marie Lu at the moment but, it says "Jessica, Walk in the Light."



  1. That sounds like a really lovely event! I'd love to meet those authors and get my own books signed ;-)

    1. It most certainly was! I found a new bookstore too! I hope they come to your town next year!


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