Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday: The Vicious Deep

The Vicious Deep by Zoraida Cordova
The Vicious Deep

When an unnatural riptide sweeps lifeguard Tristan Hart out to sea for three days and then dumps him back on the shore of Coney Island, it’s the start of the Sea Court claiming its own. Suddenly, Tristan’s girlfriend dramas and swimming championship seem like distant worries as he discovers the truth: he’s a Merman. Now Tristan must fight for his life, the lives of his friends, and his humanity (if he still wants it), while competing in a race for a throne as ancient as the gods. 

Seductive, duplicitous, and with an agenda of their own, these are not the mermaids you know.
I love mermaid books and this sounds like a fun twist on the usual!  I'm also part of the blog tour for this book so I'm definitely looking forward to checking it out!  Plus, the author, Zoraida, is super nice!  What are you waiting on?

PS- The first chapter is available for free online!  Go check it out here!

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  1. I agree, this one sounds fun! Really can't wait for this one, and I think I have an egalley from NetGalley! Yay! :)

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