Friday, March 16, 2012

We've Got It Covered (1)

Hey Remarkable Readers,

     I've been noticing several different cover trends lately and I've been wanting to post about them, too.  Thus, We've Got it Covered was born!  Every once and a while I'll be posting a We've Got it Covered where I'll spotlight a recent YA cover trend and give you my two cents!  Then, its up to you to comment and tell me what you think!  Please leave some suggestions for future posts, too!   

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This Week's Topic:

Water Covers

     I'm never sure why but, I've always been in love with water covers.  I guess they add some mystery to the storyline.  Whenever I see a water cover, I always want to buy the book.  Imaginary Girls and The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer are two of my favorites!  I love how the covers for these books look as if the characters are frozen in time, or stuck in their problems, or drowning.  I guess that's just it; water covers leave so much room for interpretation!  I love that!  The Cover is in the eye of the beholder.  I feel like the cover for All These Lives is also mysterious.

What do you think of water covers?  Which one is your favorite shown above?  What are some other water covers that you like?  What should the next cover feature be?  How often should I do this feature?


  1. I love this post, Jess! The trends in covers are so interesting, and I've never really noticed this one!

    1. Thanks Willa! It happens to be my favorite trend! Any ideas for future posts?

  2. I love them too! So pretty and they give kind of an eerie feel I guess. I love the cover of Imaginary Girls! I still need to read that.

  3. Totally love this, but never noticed this trend! I like water covers when they're slightly creepy; water makes everything strange and otherworldly.

    Thanks for this post!


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