Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Hunger Games Book vs. Movie (Mrs. M)

Hello Remarkable Readers,
     Just to refresh your memory, I am Jessie’s Mom (Mrs. M) and I promised to write a review comparing the long awaited Hunger Games movie to the Book. I may have mentioned on this blog before that I am a big fan of Nonfiction books.  So when Jessica told me to read The Hunger Games, I was a little apprehensive. Needless to say I was completely hooked on the book after 3 pages, just like everyone else. I quickly became a big fan of the series and am now reading Catching Fire.  After finishing the first book, I waited with anticipation for the movie over the last month and must say it was worth the wait. I can honestly say that I think they did a really good job adapting the book to the big screen. After telling Jessie’s Dad about the book, he was actually interested in seeing the movie as well so we dragged him along for the big event. I am so glad we did. I wanted to get someone’s perspective who had not read the book. 
     I felt that they did leave out some key elements from the story (which did bug me a bit) because I did not think Mr. M would get  the entire premise of the story.  In the end, he did, so I guess I over analyzed it.  I felt they left out too many details about Katniss’ dad, detail about her relationship with Gale, and how she became such a good hunter.  They also changed how Katniss received the Mockingjay pin and didn't talk about Katniss' Mother at all.  According to Mr. M, he was able to figure a lot of the details out from certain hints in the movie.  They also completely left out the details of how the Mocking jay birds came to be and there significance to Katniss. While I know they had to cut the movie down to a certain amount of time, I think if I were Suzanne Collins that would have bothered me, heck I am not her and it bothering me. ;)
     On another note, I did think the scenery was very well done.  The one scene that appeared exactly as I had imagined in the movie, was the reaping. Then again, I was a little disappointed by the “girl on fire” scene during the tribute parade. I know several other people were disappointed with this scene as well. I just expected more from such an important scene.  Most of the other scenes were very well done. The cornucopia scene at the end of the story was also a bit disappointing; I just envisioned something so much more from a scene that was so important to the storyline.
      I thought the movie was well casted, my only disappointment was Effie Trinket, I just expected so much more from such an interesting character.   They also failed to mention Effie's name in the entire movie!  I also felt they should have let us get to know the tributes that Katniss and Peeta  were up against, a bit more personally. I felt like we really did not get to know these characters very well through the movie.  The book definitely offered much more detail about each of them. My favorite character portrayal was by far Haymitch. I thought he was so well casted. Woody Harrelson played a terrific part. Katniss, Peeta and Gale were all well casted, I can see why Katniss is so torn between those two guys! I can’t even decide if I am “ Team Gale” or “ Team Peeta."  Too much pressure for sure!
      I must say overall I really did like the Movie, and judging by the reaction of the crowd at the theatre Saturday night, so did everyone else. If I had to choose The Movie or the Book, I could have guessed that I would have chosen the book from day one. I think the story is so original and well done.  Tt lost a litte bit in the translation.  The Movie was enjoyable none the less.  I am really looking forward to reading Catching Fire and Mocking Jay. I am equally as hopeful that we will see two movies to follow this one. Overall, I give the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games a 9 out of 10. 


  1. Great comparison! I was a bit iffy with the book vs. movie as well, but I think they did a wonderful job and I liked the additions to the movie.

  2. I guess they did the best that they could in the time allotted. Adaptations are always a bit of a disappointment...they never have the character development that the books have. (And to me that is the best part) But it was a great "action" movie in it's own right.


  3. I agree that the movie was well done, however I feel like one od the bigest "what the..." moments is when Katniss went to the cornucopia to get Peeta's medicine. In the book we knew Peeta had blood poisoning, and would die without medication. In the movie he seemed to have a big boo-boo on his leg, and my husband (who had not read the books) could not figure out why she risked her life when she could have used the salve she already had. Otherwise I agree with mostly everything in your review, but I would give the movie a 7 1/2.


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