Sunday, December 25, 2011

Giveaway #4: Hidden Gems? : Small Publishers and Indie Authors

Hey Remarkable Readers!  If you celebrate Christmas then Merry Christmas!  If not then, Happy Holidays! :)  Since it's Christmas, there will be two giveaways today!  You'll have to wait a while for the other one though ;)  Anyway, here's what I'm giving away today:

-A Signed Copy of Elements by Kate Fuentes
-Witch Hunter by Kathleen S. Allen
-Eldohr Adventures by T. L. Wood
-Endlands an anthology edited by Vincent Hobbes
-Signed Elements Bookmark
-Eldohr Adventures Bookmark
-Endlands Bookmark
-May B. Signed card
-May B. sticker

The Theme of this package is "Hidden Treasures."  I have yet to read any of these books but, they're special.  Why? because, these books are either self published or published by a small publishing house (except for May B.)!  This means that you can't get most of them in bookstores so they're rare!  Who knows, maybe you'll find a Hidden Treasure ;)

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Thanks to Kate Fuentes, Caroline Starr Rose, Kathleen S. Allen, and Hobbes End Publishing for donating these prizes!
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