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Guest Post & Giveaway: Emma Michaels

Hey Readathoners!  I'm counting down to the end of the Readathon and the beginning of 2012 with a giveaway up each hour till midnight (EST)!  How exciting!  For this post I have author Emma Michaels stopping by!  She'll be guest posting and giving away two books!  Now without further adieu, I introduce Emma Micheals!

First I would like to say thank you for hosting me and to everyone reading!!! <3
I've been asked a lot of questions concerning the third book in my 'A Sense of Truth' series. I've been asked if David and Megan are going to get together, or if there will be a stronger paranormal flair, and most of all, if the questions that have been building up through the series are going to be answered. 
I'd like to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about David and Megan's world, plus catching others who may not be familiar with the series up to date.
In my first novel, The Thirteenth Chime, readers are introduced to David and Destiny - two former love interests. Destiny is visiting the West Coast with a college friend, when a chance encounter with a mysterious trap puts the friend and the friend's mother in the hospital. With the police not listening to her, Destiny has no choice but to turn to the one man she can always count on - David. 
But the trap wasn't set for Destiny.
David springs the trap and almost loses his life attempting to help Destiny. The more David learns, the more questions he is left with, most notably about his own past that he has apparently forgotten.
While I won't spoil the first book for new readers, I will state that the end of the first book puts David on a hunt with the only clue he has - a strange cross known as a rosario, inscribed with an ancient symbol on the back. It is that symbol that brings him to the desert in Anasazi, book 2.  
In Anasazi, we're brought into the middle of events where David has myteriously vanished while on his search for the truth. Megan, a friend from before when David and Destiny were close, receives a mysterious text message, inviting her to meet with him.
Only David is nowhere to be found, forcing Megan to search for him in a town that refuses to acknowledge his existence, and into a desert wasteland where something far more sinister is waiting for her. 
In book 3, a year has passed since the events that happened in the desert. David and Megan have remained close, but he has become strangely distant and reclusive, like something is tormenting him. Megan is forced to watch David's life spiral out of control, there is a greater darkness that begins to take hold of them and the children of Seattle, trying to destroy the fragile existince David and Megan have created.
Book 3 is going to be a headrush. Before, David had only to deal with the situations around him, now a global stage of nightmares is being set before him. His greatest test will be the dark seed growing within him, unleashed in the desert. It is a darkness that some will seek to destroy, while others, control. When the forces of three worlds collide, it will be up to Megan to accept a deal from a devil that could make her disappear from his side forever. 
And they haven't even met the real enemy yet. 
I can hardly wait to share more about book three soon! The release date is currently being set for August 2012 and I also have two new starts to series being released this year!!! Thank you again for having me and to everyone reading! You fill each of my days with joy and excitement!  

Emma is giving away two books today:
-1 copy of her book The Thirteenth Chime
-1 copy of her book Anasazi

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