Friday, December 9, 2011

Let's Talk: Reading Habits & Submissions

Hey Remarkable Readers!
     I've wanted to make my Let's Talk posts an ongoing feature for quite a while and I'm finally taking the initiative!  I've only posted one before and it was about saving money on books.  Basically, a "Let's Talk" post is where I will start a discussion that will usually relate to books and I ask that you join in via the comments or adding your response post in the linky.  Anyway, I have a few ideas for the next month or so but, I'll probably run out eventually so, if you have any ideas or suggestions, leave them in the comments!  On to the post!
     This week I'm want to know your reading habits.  Do you listen to music while you read or you prefer pure silence?  If so, what kind of music?  Do you like background noise or you can't concentrate?  How long do you read for in one sitting?  Do you eat while you read?  Maybe you listen to audiobooks while you drive.  Let me know!
My Answer:
     Usually, I don't listen to music while reading.  It's very hard for me to concentrate on the book while a song is playing unless its classical music with no words.  On that note, when I listen to classical it's usually Andre Rieu.  Sometimes I can listen to certain artists even if their songs have words.  My picks for reading music would be:
-Michael Buble
-Frank Sinatra
-Andre Rieu
-Maroon 5
-the Temptations
-Jason Mraz
-Taylor Swift
-Keith Urban
-Trace Atkins
-Martina McBride
-Rascall Flatts
-Carrie Underwood
& a ton more!
     Sometimes I like to listen to audiobooks when I'm knitting so I can get two things done at the same time.  I sometimes snack while eating, too.  I don't have a specific time of how long I like to read, though.
   Let me know your reading habits and ideas for future 'Let's Talk' posts in the comments or on the linky!


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