Friday, December 30, 2011

Nook for Sale

Hey Remarkable Readers,
     If you watched my holiday IMM, you may already know that I recieved a Nook Tablet for Christmas.  I still have my original nook and I'd like to sell it to help pay for a custom blog design!  I've had my nook for a little over a year and it's in great condition.  There is one small dent on the top left front corner.  Barnes and Noble is still selling the 1st edition nook but, they aren't still selling the version that I own.  Mine has 3G, while Barnes and Noble isn't selling the Wifi+3G version anymore.  I also have a case for my nook.
     Without the case I'm asking $70 and with the case I'm asking $78.  The USB cable and wall adapter are included.  If you purchase my nook, I will calculate shipping charges and add that.  I can be paid via PayPal.  The case is also in great condition.
     You can see all the features of my nook here.  Please note that it will have all the default settings when you recieve it so that you may program the display, add your own books, change the screensaver, etc.  Below are pictures of my nook so that you can see the condition it's in.  If you'd like to purchase my nook, just send me an email: and remember, the money goes towards a custom blog design!

Nook in use
Back Cover

The case says "A good book is the best of friends,
the same today and forever"-Martin Tupper
Inside of Case

The small dent is pictured.
The light spot in the picture is only a reflection of light


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