Saturday, December 3, 2011

Readathon Reminders

     Hey Remarkable Readers!  Earlier today, I sent out an email to everyone who signed up for the readathon!  If you haven't signed up yet, you still can.  Here is the email I sent out:

You signed up for the Wrapping up 2011 Readathon over at Jessie's Remarkable Reads!  This is just a reminder that it will be here soon!  The readathon starts on December 22nd and runs all the way through midnight on new years eve!  We will be updating on Eastern Time!  Some Guidlines:
-You don't have to read for the whole readathon
-You are encouraged to read more than usual but, you don't have to!
-To be eligible for the giveaways, you must be signed up for the readathon and have updated on your reading progress at least once
-Please visit my blog throughout the readathon to find links to challenges and giveaways!
-Please try to link you posts in the linkys that will be posted throughout the readathon!
-Please check that you linked yourself on the readathon tab of my sight before the readathon starts
-If you did, click your link to check if it works!
-Signup is open throughout the readathon, so keep spreading the news!
-If you update on twitter, don't forget to use the hashtag #WU2011R !
-You can follow other peoples updates and see the readathon conversation by following the hashtag, too!!
-At the end of the readathon, tweet how many books you read and mention @RemarkableReads so that I know who read the most! :)  (Just for fun!)
-Don't forget to post or tweet both kick off post of what you plan to read AND a wrap up post of what you finished! :)
-If you have any questions, would like to donate to the readathon, or want to host, just reply to this email! 
Happy Reading,

Jessie (

     You can see exactly what it looked like right here: Click Me!

Pre Readathon buzz!

Any questions? Comments?  Leave one!

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