Wednesday, December 7, 2011

TBR Directory

Hey Remarkable Readers!  I was watching some December TBR videos the other day and I realized that instead of checking out everyone's blogs separately, why not put all TBR videos and posts in one place?  So, I decided that from now on I'll put up a linky at the start of each month and anyone can link their TBRs up!  Like the idea? Let me know!  Anyway, the linky is below and mine's on there too! :). Have fun and I hope you can read all of your TBR for this month!  Good Luck!

Update: I just found out that someone already does a linky!  Misty from deserves credit!  I'll keep posting the linky each month but, make sure you check out hers, too!  I love her YouTube channel, too! :)

December TBRs:


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